About Us

Aliments, Inc. is a wholesale importer and distributor of various product lines in the food industry, located in Long Island, New York. Our product range includes a variety of items from renowned branded products to many regional brands and private labels such as Brad’s Organic, Gullon, Shan, Greeniche (Vitamins & Supplements), Litaly, Imperial Nuts, and Yummy Gummy. These products are supplied to grocery stores and pharmacies in New York Boroughs, Long Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

Aliments offers three proprietary labels: House of Kiran for Spices & Condiments, Aliments for Snacks & Candies, and Ocean Blue for Kitchen & Diner products, as well as a range of exclusive product lines such as Upstate Granola, Greeniche pharmaceutical products, Alsifa Honey, Shan, and Amber Rice. Our primary aim is to deliver high-quality food items to customers across all age groups at reasonable prices. To accomplish this objective, we continuously expand our product range by introducing new items.

Our focus is on offering high-quality food products at a great value to customers across all demographic locations, and we continually expand our product portfolio with new offerings.

We have formed a dedicated team that caters to our customers’ needs, whether they purchase through our sales team or the online B to B ordering system.

This site is designed to service our retail food store, restaurant & catering customers. If you are a consumer of our products and wish to know where to find them, please send us an email and we will be happy to provide the name of stores near you. 

Meet Our Team

Nawed Usmani – President/CEO
Nawed has a unique background with a wealth of experience both in food distribution and in international trade. He is a visionary leader with a strong background in logistics and operations. Prior to founding Aliments, he had over 20 years of experience at various responsible positions in shipping, banking and investment advisory. Nawed is a business management graduate from Maritime College, Fort Schuler, NY and MBA from St. John’s University NY.

Daniel Reinholz – Warehouse Manager
Daniel is responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of our warehouse team i.e., coordinating delivery operations, managing, and mentoring the logistical team including but not limited to, delivery drivers and warehouse assistants.  Daniel has a wealth of knowledge about our warehousing and fulfillment operations. He has prior experience at FedEx as an Operations Manager of a warehouse where he has managed and mentored thirty-five employees loading and sorting 50,000 packages daily. 

Omotayo Ibrahim – Operation Manager
As the operation manager of our company, Omotayo is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities at our Office. He is responsible for managing our administrative functions and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Nadeem Usmani – IT Manager
Nadeem is a tech wizard responsible for overseeing the technology infrastructure and systems that support our business operations. With over 20 years of experience in the field, he has a deep understanding of the latest technologies and how to implement them effectively. He is dedicated to keeping our systems running smoothly and efficiently.

Maricela Villa – Customer Relations Coordinator
Maricela is highly experienced in handling various aspects of supermarket back-end operations and managing customer relations.
At Aliments, she is responsible for organizing online sales and promotional campaigns targeting both existing customers and
potential prospects.

Ahmet R. Ipekci (Alex) – Senior Sales Representative
Our progress has been significantly influenced by Alex’s contributions. Prior to joining our company, Alex held the position of General Manager at Roya Food, a prominent food distribution company in New Jersey. He is an accomplished entrepreneur who has played a key role in establishing multiple food companies in the New Jersey area. With his extensive industry experience and vast network of contacts, he is a highly committed professional who relentlessly strives for success. Alex obtained his undergraduate degree in engineering from Turkey and a Master’s degree in computer science from the New York Institute of Technology.

Ali Khan – Sales Representative
Ali is a seasoned sales professional with a passion for building long-lasting relationships with clients. He has a deep understanding of our products and services and is always ready to assist with any questions or concerns.

Michael Solomon – Sales Representative
Michael is a skilled sales representative with a strong track record of success. He is committed to delivering excellent service to our clients and is always ready to go the extra mile to help them succeed.

Alan Skorski – Sales Representative
Alan is a talented sales professional with a strong background in customer service. He is dedicated to building strong relationships with clients and is always looking for ways to help them grow their businesses.

Mayer Levy – Sales Representative
Mayer is a sales leader who has won awards for his exceptional performance and consistently surpassing sales targets for major brands. Before joining Aliments, he gained extensive experience in business development as a sales manager for food and beverage manufacturers and distributors in the USA. Mayer holds a business degree from Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn.

Ali Shah – Sales Representative
Ali Shah is a seasoned professional with over ten years of experience, specializing in business development, marketing, and sales. He holds certification as an Accounting Technician from the UK and has worked as a management consultant and business analyst at the World Bank. In his previous role as a Business Development Manager, he excelled in brand marketing and development. Ali built a strong network of distributors and chain stores, conducted presentations to major buyers, and represented products and principals in trade shows throughout the USA.

Drew Esposito – Advisor & Sales Representative
Drew is a second generation food salesperson covering tri state area from over 20 years. He understand food industry in depth and well respected in tri state food industry. Drew is also well known as a sport writer covering baseball and a lead singer/guitarist for a band in Long Island.

Legal Advisor: Law office of David Barton,
Barton Law Group.
33 Walt Whitman Rd,
Huntington Station, NY 11743

Accounting & Payroll:
Peter J Bertuglia, CPA, P.C.
775 Park Ave,
Huntington, NY 11743